Moving In / Moving Out Guide

Move in

We send out a series of welcome communications to all our students prior to their move in date so that you will have plenty of time to prepare ready for the move. This consists of welcome emails, Facebook/Twitter updates and Welcome handbook, which offers comprehensive information about the move in day, the site and the community in great detail.

Is there somewhere to park when we are unpacking?

 If you are travelling on the date of your move in a car, we will inform you in advance whether there’s a drop off bay on site to you to off load any suitcases or belongings, or we will send you the location of the nearest car park. It’s important for you to book your move in slot with us in advance so that we can make sure these resources are available to you on the day. 

We understand moving out from family can be daunting! Don’t worry, we are always here to help...

What if we are arriving out of hours?

We understand that sometimes students will need to arrive outside of arrival hours. We ask for the student to contact their Accommodation team at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that we can provide all the necessary information and ensure that we have got everything ready for their arrival. For example we need to ensure that we have received all relevant documentation, booking fee and first instalment before we can move anybody in. It might not be a manager who will be there for the check in however the accommodation team will always aim to introduce themselves at the earliest opportunity so that you knows who they are.